Sunday School

For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry,
for the edifying of the body of Christ. – Ephesians 4:12

    The Adult Sunday School ministry is dedicated to equipping the believer for life and ministry through the systematic, verse by verse, book by book study of the Word of God. Each adult class targets students of a particular age and/or marital status. We do recognize that choice is important, and therefore invite each adult to choose the Sunday School class that best addresses their own personal needs.

Home Builders

    The Home Builders Class is directed to the needs of adults with children in school. Practical Bible teaching is emphasized and complemented by activities and fellowship.

Senior Men

    The Senior Men’s class is specially designed to meet the needs of older adult men. Opportunities for fellowship and service are also a vital part of this class.

Women of Worth (Senior Ladies)

    Those ladies who consider themselves to be “seniors” enjoy sweet fellowship together in this class. These dear ones have a great ministry to one another as well as to the older saints unable to actually attend the class.

Family Beginnings

    The Family Beginnings class is focused on the needs of Newlyweds and couples whose oldest child is not yet in Kindergarten. Teaching is aimed at discipling young adults, strengthening young marriages, and raising children in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.

G.A.P. (Graduates & Professionals)

    The goal of our G.A.P. class is to prepare the graduate & professional adults for an exciting and fulfilling life. Solid Bible teaching focuses on goals, opportunities, and life building truth. Activities provide great opportunities for new friends and fellowship.


    “Single and over thirty-five” describes this class where this often neglected segment of our society studies the Word of God together. Come and see what this exciting class is all about.


    Couples age 55 and over find the Harvesters class to be a time for learning and fellowship together as they study God’s Word.

New Horizons

    The New Horizons Class is for married couples with all children out of high school, and the younger spouse being under age 55. Practical Bible teaching is emphasized and complemented by activity and fellowship.